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Field Camp is a geophysical field project which is specially planned and executed by senior students of Geophysics Sub Department Universitas Gadjah Mada. Field camp integrates geophysical methods in a thematic project related to mineral prospecting in an area. In Field Camp, the participants will work in a team to manage their project; from preparation session which includes fund raising, HSE assessment, and survey design; the execution of the project itself which includes data acquisition, processing, and interpretation; and finally the reporting which includes final presentations and result publication. The benefits of the project will not be limited to the students and institution, but also widely benefits the communities, economic actors, and policy makers. Thanks to:

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Field Camp 2023

Exploring Geothermal Potential as Renewable Energy and Preventing Geohazard Riska Using Geophysical Methods

Project Leader : Miqdam Syafiq Azzumardi


Field Camp 2022

Geophysical Investigation to Uncover Mineral Prospect and HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment) in Tirtomoyo District, Wonogiri, Central Java

Project Leader : Saefull Alam Wisnutama

Vice Project Leader : Muhammad Naufal Syafiq A.


Field Camp 2021

Incorporating Near-Surface Geophysical Studies for Urban Development in The Special Region of Yogyakarta

Project Leader : Jordy Reformeras Salaam


Field Camp 2019

Integrating Geophysical Methods on The Artisanal Mining Area and Geohazard Assessment

Project Leader : Abdul Aziz


Field Camp 2018

Gold Prospecting and Geological Structure Mapping Using Geophysical Methods for Advancing Prosperity of Society

Project Leader : Riando Elang Desilva


Field Camp 2017

Identifying Petroleum System and Hazard Consequences Using Geophysical Methods

Project Leader : Arriqo' Fauqi R


Field Camp 2016

Applying Geophysical Methods for Epithermal Gold Prospecting and Environmental Assessment

Project Leader : Tangguh Satria Pamungkas


Field Camp 2015

Geophysical Prospecting and Hazard Assessment in Mineral Prospect Area

Project Leader : Bambang Trio Sumbodo


Field Camp 2014

Geothermal Exploration Integrated Survey